Liberation, painting by Puspanjali Sharma


painting by Puspanjali Sharma

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Art Number 28221
Artwork Title Liberation
Artist Name Puspanjali Sharma
Medium Acrylic on Canvas
Size 16 x 20 inches (40.64 x 50.8 cm)
Information It is left to the audience it the way they perceive. It can be in the knowledge, in reflection, in the air we breathe and in everything that we feel. Here I have depicted the protagonist liberating herself of all negative thoughts & emotions thereby keeping only what she feels good, necessary & free. Hence, she finds a swan in her reflection. A swan is a bird that consumes only which is necessary from muddy water. In other words, she keeps her knowledge, integrity & sanity with her while she liberates herself of all negative thoughts & the prejudice of the masses. White is a sign of purity & it reflects all other colours. Similarly, here the protagonist absorbs only what is pure while reflecting back only positivity of thoughts & emotions.

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