Art Number 21229
Artwork Title Ahur Mazda
Artist Name Anuradha Kabra
Medium Watercolour & pencil on Paper
Size 26 x 26 inches (66.04 x 66.04 cm)
Price Price on Request
Information All mythologies have the concept of immortal beings. As in Hindu mythology it is "Amrut" which made the Gods immortal so is the juice of the Gao Karena Tree – "Tree of All Seeds" in Persian or Zoroastrian mythology. The twin spirits Spenta Mainyu and Angra Mainyu symbolising  the light and the darkness, rest near the feet of their creator, the most venerated spirit of that land, Ahura Mazda. The existence of contrasting elements in one frame reflects the concept of duality, or the battle between good and evil forces which permeate everything around us.

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