Deep Roots, painting by Satish Pimple

Deep Roots, Painting by Artist Satish Pimple

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Art Number 20505
Artwork Title Deep Roots
Artist Name Satish Pimple
Medium Oil on Canvas
Size 48 x 36 inches (121.92 x 91.44 cm)
Price Price on Request
Information The painting 'Deep Roots' is inspired by Nidhivan which is a small forest like garden in the middle of holy Vrindavan city & is known as God’s own abode. It is characterized by dwarf trees with their entangled trunks & branches. Mythological stories are heard about this mysterious place that Krishna & gopis still play rasleela here every night & hence it is strictly closed during night time. No one knows the exact age of these unique trees with twisted trunks , branches & dwarf foliage. This creates a very mysterious ambience because of the tree forms, tranquil light quality, soil texture & ancient structures.

Continuing his love for the ‘trees & roots’, Artist Satish Pimple has again tried to render them in his unique style in this creation. The painting is extremely powerful manifestation of relationship between physical human body & the spiritual inner soul. The green tree leaves depicts life whereas twisted, twirling brown roots penetrating deep below symbolize physical body. In this well balanced composition, the striking blue colour in the painting makes it’s presence very distinct depicting Krisha as an eternal truth with whom one wants to connect through our inner core & spirituality.

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