Artist Madhavi Srivastava Portfolio

Artist Statement :

To me, art is an expression of human creative skills and imagination and the art of painting portray the act or result of the creative imagination. Every time I take a blank canvas, I feel as if I have been provided with a blank planet on which I can create a life on my own whims and fancies and that makes me to reach a stage of self actualisation where in, I feel complete.

Painting by Madhavi Srivastava - AURA
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29.53 x 21.65 inches
75.01 x 54.99 cm

15,000 ($204)

Painting by Madhavi Srivastava - Radiance
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18 x 14 inches
45.72 x 35.56 cm

7,500 ($102)

Painting by Madhavi Srivastava - Serene Greens
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Serene Greens

15 x 22 inches
38.1 x 55.88 cm

8,000 ($109)

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