Artist Shona Aston Portfolio

Shona Aston is a Commerce Graduate from Pune University and has had a yawning passion for art and craft since her childhood.

Shona has grown as a promising artist over the last 7 years with an extra ordinary skill over a wide spectrum of abstract art. She brings rich experience of painting small and large art pieces for both, the institutional as well as private art enthusiast. She conducts art and craft coaching at her studio for all age groups. She has been actively involved in suggesting interiors and colour concepts to residential as well as commercial real estate properties. Her paintings have beautified many walls of premium properties selected by builders and architects including the new state of art VVIP circuit house in Pune. With acute skill and passion towards colours and a strong sense of interior decoration, Shona’s paintings have received strong appreciation from Indian as well as foreign art curators and collectors.

Painting by Shona Aston - Winter fall
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Winter fall

45 x 35 inches
114.3 x 88.9 cm

20,000 ($271)

Painting by Shona Aston - The Awakening
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The Awakening

18 x 36 inches
45.72 x 91.44 cm

25,000 ($339)

Painting by Shona Aston - Skyfall


28 x 24 inches
71.12 x 60.96 cm

Painting by Shona Aston - Perception
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45 x 35 inches
114.3 x 88.9 cm

28,000 ($380)

Painting by Shona Aston - Gold Mine
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Gold Mine

35 x 28 inches
88.9 x 71.12 cm

20,000 ($271)

Painting by Shona Aston - Glimmer
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46 x 34 inches
116.84 x 86.36 cm

45,000 ($611)