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Rashmi Bhadkamkar

Born :

  • 1974


A graduate in economics, Rashmi studied studio pottery and sculpting at the Creative Club Studio Pune, under the guidance of the renowned artist and potter late Mr. Bal Wad (1995-99). She then studied glazing techniques with the highly respected potter late Nirmala Patwardhan

Over the years, Rashmi has been participating in group shows mainly in pune. In 2007 she showcased her sculptures, under the name "Reflections".

She enjoys sharing her passion for clay sculpting and studio pottery with children and adults. Through these years she has been associated with several schools and institutes in Pune and has been teaching at the Creative Club for the past 15 years.

Her current works coined - Portraits in Nature and Masked in Nature is a collection of ceramic works that explores the connections between natural forms, human emotions and animal instincts.

Her fascination with nature started the ball rolling for this journey - the starting point was a study of the body and facial structure, the pose, the textures of the skin, the feathers and all such peculiarities which make up its unique identity, simply put what makes a lion a lion and not just a cat. The deeper aspect which became the inspiration was the distinction we make between humans, animals and nature. Questions turned into the quest for answers and so started the process of creative endeavors.


  • Ceramics - 1, Sculpture by Rashmi Bhadkamkar
  • Ceramics - 5, Sculpture by Rashmi Bhadkamkar
  • Ceramics - 7, Sculpture by Rashmi Bhadkamkar
  • Ceramics - 3, Sculpture by Rashmi Bhadkamkar