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Timeless India - by Kumar Mangwani
Third Eye of SHIVA


The Eastern mystics speak of awakening the dormant third eye-the point between the brows but marginally higher-to apprehend events and to give personal access to elevated wisdom


I see something that faintly glints
In the back of the eyes
I reach in
Dig deep
Pry it out
And find I am holding the entire universe
In my own two hands


The Eye of Illumination...once Goddess Parvati teasingly closed Shiva's eyes with her palms while He was deep in His meditations. All life froze in mid-activity; the universe was plunged in deep darkness. Suddenly a massive tongue of flame leapt forth from His forehead; His third eye appeared there and let the light of the thousand suns shine again.


The Eye of Rejection...Shiva, withdrawn and mourning the death of his beloved Sati, when beguiled by Kama (the cupid) to restore desire in the impassive heart of Shiva, He opens His third eye to negate the arousing desire.


The Eye of Vision...With the two eyes Shiva sees that which is physical, that which is illusory. With the opening of the third eye He perceives that which is beyond the sensory perception...that which is non-dualistic...the truth.


The Eye of Re-construction... Shiva's right eye symbolizes the Sun, His left symbolizes the Moon, and the third eye is the eye of Fire emanating raging energy to destroy all ignorance and not necessarily denote the end. To reconstruct the better.


The Eye of Annihilation... It is also believed that the end (Pralaya) of each life cycle- Yuga, in Hinduism- is accomplished by Shiva opening His third eye to create new celestial forms. And when the third eye is shut the world dissolves into a void. Often Shiva is shown with half open eyes, signifying the never ending and ongoing nature of birth and destruction of the universe.


Of the untold benefits of awakening the esoteric third eye, it opens up another dimension of wisdom. The planet Jupiter, associated with the third eye, is called 'Guru' in India which literally translates to 'spiritual preceptor' opening up the communication between your physical self and higher self.