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Keywords: Professional Artists, Emerging Artists, Paintings, Children's Art


An exhibition of paintings by Kabari Banerjee


Bhadralok - An exhibition of paintings by Kabari Banerjee

Kabari Banerjee studied painting at Santiniketan (Viswa Bharati University, West Bengal). She completed her BFA in 1994 and post graduate diploma in 1996.


Indiaart Gallery is pleased to present "Bhadralok", a solo exhibition of paintings by Kolkata based artist Kabari Banerjee. The paintings depict people engaged in various daily chores and activities, in a nice leisurely manner. The characters Kabari Banerjee has presented in this collection are men and women who are enjoying their day to day life in a rather relaxed manner. You can see this gentleman in a reclining chair daydreaming Taj Mahal, another fellow sitting on a bench and contemplating, a lady who has all the time in the world to comb her hair, another lady reading a book in her house, a couple riding a scooter and the list goes on……


The beauty of these paintings is that they reflect the unhurried life these characters are able to enjoy which seems to be a things of the past for most of us. When you see each of the painting, you are bound to realise that you have probably lost out these beautiful moments in your life. This series is a reminder to the viewer to reclaim these beautiful moments and make our lives more meaningful and enjoyable. The best message that comes out from the series “Bhadralok” by Kabari Banerjee is that each moment in our life is precious and we must not give up on the joy and purity that even ordinary moments in our day to day life can bring to us.


All the paintings in this collection have been done by Kabari Banerjee in Tempera on Canvas Board.


Milind Sathe
May 2017