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Pravaham-2 The Journey of Colours by Nishi Nitya
About Exhibition

To look at life as if it is a painting, and then to search for life in a painting,this sentence encompasses my views regarding my work.Sensitivity is the fundamental nature of an artist, regardless of any medium and outcome.If an artist is sensitive in the creation of his works, he will connect with others and this sensitivity is developed by his or her experience and point of view.


I love colors , I express my experiences of this living world on canvas with the help of colors. Since the medium is colour ,not words,the works cannot be read but experienced . The forms that emerge out of colors are intangible and the onlookers should understand them with their own point of view.I do not like to restrain colors inside boundaries identifiable forms.As the Great artist Van Gogh said: Colour has his own Existence and its presence expresses. I strongly believe in this line.


Invitation - Pravaham-2 The Journey of Colours by Nishi Nitya