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Exhibition of Paintings by Vasant Avarsekar

Exhibition of Paintings by Vasant Avarsekar Venue : Jehangir Art Gallery, 1st Floor


Exhibition Dates : 30th Nov to 6th Dec 2015


The secret and sacred purpose of higher art is to cultivate and experience the mystery at the heart of human experience which modern science dispels. The artist knows that the gift of art is personal, handed to him by the Supreme Being and is the soul unto the soul.


Contemporary higher art, globally, is not a pictorial language of communication. It is in actuality a process of realisation by the artist. Working at the possibilities of his physical medium, the artist seeks the universal truth behind perceived reality. The artist experimenter is the artist prophet.


Popular Prakashan Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai (www.popularprakashan.com) has published in the year 2014, a book authored by me and titled Higher Art A Discipline to Kindle Life’. This book has acquired four stars on google. This book includes the photo Prints of some of the old and new paintings of mine in different mediums. This exhibition exhibits some of the paintings presented in the book.


I have the honour to receive medals for my contribution to the art education from Sir J. J. institutes of fine art and applied art.