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Natu Mistry

Artist Natu Mistry Natubhai Mistry, who started his career as a painter just five years ago, has now justly earned a name as a leading Streetscapist of Ahmedabad. He has held exhibitions of his Streetscapes as well as Landscapes in Pen and Ink as well as in Oil Colours and Water Colours in Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Delhi.

Natubhai's remarkable exhibition of 'Panoramic Streetscapes' at Jehangir Art Gallery and 'Bombay Scapes' at Jamaat Art Gallery, Mumbai had received highly appreciative response from artists, art critics, art lovers and art collectors. He has also held Exhibitions of his figurative works in Oils, Acrylics and Watercolours on Canvas, Paper and Wood panels. He has also successfully tried his hand at a series of figurative works in now rarely practiced wash technique, creating dreamy and dusky compositions of Krishna and Radha. Natubhai seems to have a perennial fascination for Streetscapes, which have now naturally become his forte.

Natubhai's use of thin Layers of Acrylic Colours on Wood particularly two predominating, tones of blue and brown in most of his compositions, shows his understanding of the medium and its ability of Create lively environment of different streets and homes he has rendered in his Streetscapes. They are realistically created with his firm, Confident and brisk brush Strokes. His use of white strokes creating highlights add a new dimension to the Compositions and produce special light and movement. They create a romantic atmosphere due to his special and unique treatment of light and shade, Natubhai seems to have evolved his own individualistic style in these works.

After high school, he studied further at the Nagpur School of Art, Nagpur (1939–43), followed by Sir J. J. School of Art, Bombay (1943–47) before moving to France in October 1950 to study at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts (ENSB-A) in Paris, 1950-1953 on a Govt. of France scholarship. After his studies, he travelled across Europe, and continued to live and exhibit his work in Paris. He was later awarded the Prix de la critique in Paris in 1956, becoming the first non-French artist to receive the honour.

Written 26 Books on Art and Drawing as a Pioneer Writer of Books on Art in Gujarat. Govt. Assignment as an Art Decorator for 'Congress Adhivashan' at Gandhinagar in 1972.


Born :

  • 1933, Halisa, Gujarat (India)


Art Education :

  • D.T.C. (First Class First) Diploma in Fine Arts, Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai
  • Art Master’s Examination From C. N. Fine Arts College, Ahmedabad
  • Bachelor of Arts from L. D. Arts College, Ahmedabad


Experience :

  • 1995 to Now : Fulltime Painter
  • 1985 to 2002 : Worked as Interior Decorator
  • 1962 to 1985 : Worked as cartoonist in leading Gujarati Daily Newspaper 'GUJARAT SAMACHAR'
  • 1957 to 1962 : Worked as principal of school of Drawing & Design in Ahmedabad


Awards :


Achievements :

  • Written 26 Books on Art and Drawing as a Pioneer Writer of Books on Art in Gujarat.
  • Got Assignment as an Art decorator for "Congress Adhivation" in 1972 at Gandhinagar for co-operative section.
  • Got Assignment of Main Gate for the "Congress Adhivation" in Calcutta in 1973.
  • Got invitation from Italy for floor designing in India in 1986.
  • Commissioned many projects for interior decoration in Africa (Ghana), Mauritius, Atlanta (U.S.A.) and Dubai.


Special Achievements :

  • 2003 : Painting selected for Auction at London
  • 2001 : Painting selected for Parliament House, New Delhi
  • Visited several galleries in Europe, America, Africa, Far East, Dubai, Mauritius and Nepal.


  •  Cartoon by Natu Mistry
  •  Cartoon by Natu Mistry
  •  Cartoon by Natu Mistry
  •  Cartoon by Natu Mistry