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Sanjay Bhattacharya – The Young Phenomenon


Sanjay Bhattacharya – The young phenomenon who took the art world by storm barely a decade or so back and is regarded as one of the youngest masters of the Indian art scene today.

The exquisite detail and form, the delicate treatment of light and shade, the absolute realism of these oil on canvas paintings are nothing but sheer ecstasy for the viewer.

Born in 1958 in Calcutta, Sanjay Bhattacharya was youngest of four children of a retired accounts officer. After finishing school, he decided enough was enough as far as academics were concerned and joined Government College of Arts and Crafts in Calcutta. He was there from 1977 to 1982 and graduated with a diploma in fine arts.

Following his graduation, Sanjay Bhattacharya joined the Ad agency Clarion at their Delhi office as an illustrator. Having to paint mundane objects like Tyres was not his cup of tea and he soon left and migrated to Hindustan Thomson Associates. It was here that he got the freedom to freelance and put together a set of watercolours for his first exhibition.


The exhibition, held at Dhoomimal Gallery, was a huge success and launched Sanjay Bhattacharya as an artist of repute. All his paintings were sold within the week. This was the year 1988, and there was no looking back.


It has been 15 years since that first exhibition, 15 years of numerous shows all over the world, numerous accolades and awards and an all round appreciation as a master in his field.


Abalal remained a bachelor for the whole life or we can say he had no interest in the luxurious of the material life. He was only interested in painting the beauty of nature. Abalal also painted the stained glass windows and doors of the Darbar hall of the New Palace, Kolhapur. The Town Hall Museum at Kolhapur has one still life by Abalal; as well as the landscape of the Mosque at Bijapur. Both show expert handling and freshness of colour.


Sanjay Bhattacharya’s paintings tell a story in themselves. They are absolutely realistic, photographic in their recording of detail and mesmeric in effect. The paintings focus a lot on middle-class homes and areas of Calcutta with exquisite detail and light and shade. They hint about the drama, which revolves around people’s lives. His sceneries too have similar treatment.


A style classic yet unique. A style that sets Sanjay Bhattacharya apart.


A Few of His Solo Exhibitions:

- 1988 - Gallery Aurobindo, New Delhi.
- 1989 - Chitrakoot Art Gallery, Calcutta.
- 1991 - Gallarie 88, Calcutta.
- 1992 - Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.
- 1994 - 'Rajiv Gandhi:Landscape of a man', National Gallery of Modern Art & Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.
- 1995 – The Oberoi, New Delhi
- 1996 - 'Sanjay Bhattacharya 1981-96', Art Today, New Delhi.
- 2002 - ‘Paintings Beyond Words' at Arts India, New York.


Honours & Awards:

- Xaverian Art Fest (Award 1981)
- National Exhibitions in 1981, '82, '83 and '86 - All India Watercolour Exhibitions AIFACS (Award 1983 & 88)
- Yuva Mahotsava of Sahitya Kal Parishad (Award 1987)
- Sahitya Kala Parishad Annual Exhibition (Award 1988-89)
- Second International Asian-European Art Biennale, Ankara, Turkey, 1988

  • Archway, Painting by Sanjay Bhattacharya

  • Calcutta Monsoon, Painting by Sanjay Bhattacharya

  •  Painting by Sanjay Bhattacharya

  • The Pink Curtain, Painting by Sanjay Bhattacharya