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Old Master John FernandesA graduate from Karnataka University with Psychology and philosophy as major subjects. Studied Art (Drawing and Painting) at 'Chitra Mandir', Belgaum for 9 years under the guidance of eminent artist and teacher Shri. K. B. Kulkarni.

Worked in Mumbai as an illustrator with a leading Advertising Agency for 9 years. Worked as a full time freelance artist for more then 25 years.

John has painted figures, landscapes, still life and anything that he found interesting in all mediums – watercolours, oils, pastels, acrylics… John Fernandes had several solo and group shows to his credit. Many rate John to be one of the finest realistic painters in India.

His journey as an artist started from a small town in Belgaum, Karnataka when he was brought to Shri. K. B. Kulkarni’s art classes by his elder brother. John’s inborn talent made him a quick student, needing only subtle suggestions from his teacher.

His grasp of line, form and colour tones was something exceptional. He learnt drawing from nature, from memory and from live models, using the medium of pencils, charcoal, crayons, water colours and oils with equal ease. John's paintings encapsulate with great skill, the sensual female form, rendered with a rare delicacy and sensitivity. His figurative paintings leave one enthralled by the provocative and yet sensually innocent look of his women. Besides figurative studies he also paints landscapes and still life with equal compositional and tonal skill. John’s confidence is such, that he does not use line to define form. He paints masses and forms emerge very interestingly.

Pencil drawings are his forte, a love which he said - "He has inherited from his Sir K. B. Kulkarni". Be it water colours or oils, John's disciplined and confident handling of his subjects, leave a definite stamp, which says, “This is John!”

John Fernandes invests art with an honest eye and raises the mind through the painted image, creating "timeless - art", that is a joy to behold.

Figurative Painting by John Fernandes Figurative Painting by John Fernandes Figurative Painting by John Fernandes Figurative Painting by John Fernandes