Artists speak - videos

Khula Aasmaan

Artists talk about their art, their career and their inspirations. Listen to senior artists, art teachers, cartoonists, emerging artists, sculptors, photographers and other creators. Khula Aasmaan is keen to get into conversations with talented artists. Their stories will be presented here. These stories will be of great value to children, college students, parents, teachers and budding artists. They will get an insight into the way artists think.

See conversations with S. D. Phadnis, Kishor Randiwe, Natu Mistry, Shashikant Bane, Prakash Bal Joshi, Asmita Jagtap, Amala Rai, Dr. Gouri Ambika, Uday Raghuwanshi

Khula Aasmaan is the new age platform for children which encourages creative thought and innovation. Participate in Khula Aasmaan contests. Submit your doodles, drawings, cartoons, paintings, ideas and more. Shortlisted children get a dedicated web page of their own. To know more, write to us at indiaart.khula.aasmaan@gmail.com. You may call or WhatsApp on +91-9325530547