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Hitendra Sinkar

Hitendra Sinkar Artist Statement :

Art, for me, has always been an escape from the world of economics. While I began my journey as an artist with "Water colors"; in the early eighties the medium changed to "Film" and by the turn of the century to "Digital".

Photography gave me an entire new medium to experiment, explore life’s offerings, its colors and moods. It took my life by storm. It made me forget my troubles, helped me retain my sanity and completely enriched my life.

Light can play such brilliant tricks on our eyes. A little light falling on an object, brings it to life by playing around with the lines, shape, texture and color. It creates a perfect drama.

Although awe-inspiring, I always felt that this brilliant drama that the light creates is so short lived. It was then that I got inspired to use photography to capture this "Moment of Truth" and share it with all. I could capture this brilliant drama from behind my lens forever.

As it is always believed, joy multiplies on sharing; and today I use this opportunity to share my works - my passion.

They say, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. So, what you see here today, is beauty, from my point of view. I hope you enjoy seeing my pictures as much as I loved capturing these moments.

Born :

  • 1963


Experience :

  • Practising photography for last 30+ years


Solo Exhibition :

  • 2014 : "Solo Exhibition of Fine Art Photographic Work", Terrace Gallary, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai


Group Exhibitions :

  • 2008 : "Photolog", P.L. Deshpande Kala Academy, Mumbai
  • 2008 : "Shades of Ladakh", P.L. Deshpande Kala Academy, Mumbai
  • 2006 : "Shades of Ladakh", Piramal art Gallery, NCPA, Mumbai


Private Collections (Direct sales only) :

  • Niko Blokker, Netherlands (Signed Print)
  • Arvind Thakkar, Indianapolis (Signed Prints)
  • Jane Eagleson, New York (Print)
  • Annelies Rigter, Netherlands (Framed Signed Prints)
  • Dr. Mrudula L. Thakkar, Mumbai (Framed Signed Prints)
  • Sushil Dalvi, Mumbai (Framed Signed Prints)
  • Kunj Gupta, Mumbai (Framed Signed Prints)
  • Dr. Rupin Dhamankar, Houston (Framed Signed Print)
  • Sachin Jadhav, Mumbai (Framed Signed Print)
  • Nirav Somaiya, Mumbai (Framed Prints)
  • Dr. Nayana Shanbhag, Mumbai (Prints)
  • Venkat Gandikota, Pune (Framed Prints)
  • Tushar Sampat, Pune (Print)
  • Dr. Shital Tirodkar, London (Print)


Publications (Direct licence only) :

  • 2012 : BNHS Desk Calendar, 1 Image
  • 2012 : BNHS Greeting Card, 3 images
  • 2009 : Maquet Wall Calendar, 12 images
  • 2009 : BNHS Wall Calendar, 10 images including cover
  • 2009 : BNHS Greeting Card, 1 image


  • Window and Ladder, Shey, Photo by Hitendra Sinkar
  • Golden Light Tso Moriri, Karzok, Photo by Hitendra Sinkar
  • Dusty Evening, Padum, Photo by Hitendra Sinkar
  • Dream, Jamnagar, Photo by Hitendra Sinkar