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Sonal Poghat

Sonal Poghat Sonal is a surrealistic artist from India born in 1991. She grew up in a traditional Hindu family. Though her family was religious but she never felt a religious inclination and was filled with a lot of unanswered questions about it. She used to draw a lot when she was in school and was recognized for the ability too but never gave a serious thought to making a career out of it.

She was always detached from and confused about the world and people around her. After she finished school, she pursued bachelors in IT Engineering and worked full time with an IT company for two years. Those two years were the most overwhelming years of her life. She had a burst of knowledge and discoveries. It was like living two different lives. One in the objective world and the other in her head! A lot of her questions were answered and it marked the start of here spiritual journey. This was the time when she discovered her real calling which was to create art!

She left her job in 2016 to be a full-time artist and is looking forward to further create, learn and discover.

Artist Statement :

I work with acrylics. They are the first medium I used when I decided to start painting and fell absolutely in love with them. My paintings are an expression of my spiritual journey and discoveries, in which I still have a long way to go. They reflect what goes on in my mind, all that I understand of the world around me, its beauty and maliciousness.

You’ll find real and surreal woven together in my art. In my paintings, I try to uncover the aspects of our being that cannot be seen in the objective world. I paint places that I visit in my dreams and the places I wish were tangible to my touch… Maybe they are and just eluding me for now. Every piece paves path to the next one.

I try to discover the meaning of life and the experiences it brings through my paintings and hence they have more control over me then I have over them. You are welcome to join me in my journey.


  • Letting it go, Painting by Sonal Poghat
  • Moon Child, Painting by Sonal Poghat
  • The Monk, Painting by Sonal Poghat
  • Longing, Painting by Sonal Poghat