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Shikha Narula

Artist Shikha Narula Shikha Narula is a self-taught artist from Mumbai, India. She is an ardent lover of nature. Her paintings depict love and beauty found in nature. There is not only a blend of vibrant hues and subtlety but also depth of emotion and sensitivity that makes her art forms an aesthetically pleasurable experience.

Artist Statement :

I love nature and my love for nature inspires me to paint. I observe and admire the beauty around me and try to capture it in my paintings. I love to paint lovely houses, beaches, gardens and animals. The two mediums I use are Oil on Canvas or Paper and Soft Pastels on Paper. The beauty, love and life I put into my paintings is experienced by the spectators when they look at the completed artwork. They can feel the emotion and the connection. This in itself is the biggest reward.


  • Blush, Painting by Shikha Narula
  • A Red Barn in Snow, Painting by Shikha Narula
  • Meadow Dreams, Painting by Shikha Narula
  • My Deer, Painting by Shikha Narula