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Narendra Gangakhedkar

Artist Narendra Gangakhedkar Artist Statement :

I am a person who loves art in all forms. This facet of life was hidden all through my growing years. Now that I am relatively free, the hidden desire of sketching and painting has come to the front seat and is driving me now.

As I am fascinated by nature and its endless variations in forms, shapes, colours. I desire to hold on to that time through the paintings. The colours of the nature are unique and give us a feeling that materialistic thing can provide. The nature gives us the un-tainted and self-less happiness. While I do not have any formal training in painting, the desire and the love for painting is so strong that it motivates me go ahead. I do see the work of the great painters, read about them and try to learn new things. During all these years of working I had not realised that the happiness and the comfort is in doing a thing which is closest to your heart. Of course, I need to work for self and family sustenance, but now I decided to take some time off and do things that give happiness, self-contentment and meaning to one's life.

Apart from my love for painting, I am also an avid fan of Nature and love to spend time in developing and nurturing plants. I have also done a short role in a Marathi TV serial and some modeling assignments. I am mesmerised by anything that is creative.

About Me :

  • I am a hard core marketing professional, working with a fortune 500 PSU. Our jobs are transferable and presently I am posted in Pune.


  • Garden Sit out, Painting by Narendra Gangakhedkar
  • Pine and the Mountains, Painting by Narendra Gangakhedkar
  • The Tomb, Painting by Narendra Gangakhedkar
  • Garden Gate, Painting by Narendra Gangakhedkar