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Girijaa Upadhyay

Artist Girijaa Upadhyay Girijaa Upadhyay works with 2D and 3D art forms and has exhibited in art galleries in Mumbai- DDNeroy and Cymroza and Pune- Malaka Spice and Tilting art gallery. Her art is born from an enduring fascination for the Universe and Nature, for Science and History; Visuals, Sound, Movement, and the Human condition. Her initial collection of sculptures in metal and stone is titled "Subconscious recall in 3D". Many of her sculptures, suitably scaled up, are amenable for installation in community spaces. Two such concepts went as entries to international competitions, Art n Architecture in the USA and Index 2009, Denmark. Her 2D art portfolio comprises of ink,pastel drawings and acrylic paintings. The principal themes of her art at this point in time revolve around the Cosmos, the Elements-wind, water, scientific motifs such as the dying Sun, the DNA strand, Technology and Man, Music, the Mind and the Human condition. In many respects they transcend geographies in form and content. She also holds Design registrations patents for some of her bookends from the Indian Patent office. She provided the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR), Bangalore with a concept note on Art for the campus of a scientific institution. Her creations range from the somber to the funky, from the sensual to the philosophical, some embodying social commentary. She also combines art with her poetry and visualizes in mixed and multi media.

EON, one of her sculptures, is inspired by the time and processes involved in the creation of the Earth, the movement of the tectonic plates, using alignment and fracture. Aerosync or the Ballad of the Winds, in stainless steel and copper, fuses dance movements with the movement of winds. Float,Water symbols and Water and Life depict an artistic presentation of the element water. Blue Rhapsody and Jive relate to the pristine power of Sound symbolized by the Musical Note. Revelation represents a religion of humanity and tolerance. Chotu and Friends is about joy-here of friendship. So is Skydivers, in acrylic or His Excellency from Gastronimica, a sculpture with wine openers and ice cream scoops. In the 2D format, Untitled (acrylic) and Fruit of thought (Pastels) relate to the Mind and interpretation. New Eara is about the fusion (sic) between Man and Technology. Ink drawings, Meghadhootam, Krishna and One Day in Paradise depict Shringar rasa - romance. The Divide series is about inequalities.

She also writes poetry and has been published in a recent global anthology of Indian writings of prose and poetry. Girijaa is a career economist from the financial and IT sector, having held senior management positions and consults on international trade and development issues. Innovation and the Environment hold special interest for her. An autodidactic artist she acknowledges many teachers not to forget her own mental and spatial travel, culminating in "her way of seeing".


  • Atlantis Rising, Sculpture by Girijaa Upadhyay
  • Woods, Painting by Girijaa Upadhyay
  • Water symbols, Painting by Girijaa Upadhyay
  • Chotu and Friends, Sculpture by Girijaa Upadhyay