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Dedeepya John

Artist Dedeepya John Artist Statement :

In today's busy world, we must do little things which bring out our true inner-self and build a platform to express our emotions.

When I sit down with my palette and paints I find myself expressing various moods and bringing out the colours of life. Painting de-stresses me as well as provides me inner satisfaction. Though I have not had any formal training in painting, I believe God blessed me this innate talent. Have been painting since my 2nd standard and never looked back since then.

My basic art style includes acrylic on canvas, poster colours, charcoal sketches and oil/soft pastels. Most of my paintings are inspired by the nature's beauty (through photography) and also my thoughts & emotions (through abstract art).


Born :

  • 1985


Education :

  • B.Tech, MBA


Current Occupation :

  • HR Research Consultant at a Services Company, Mumbai


Travel & interests :

  • As a Commercial Artist/ Graphic & Web Designer in advertising agencies in Pune
  • Currently working as a freelancer artist, fine artist and an Interior Designer
  • Conducting workshops for all those who have interest in any form of art. In association with Deccan Education Society and India Art Gallery Pune
  • Connected as a Digital Imager with Thailand based company, TMRC for market research and strategy planning


  • Tranquility, Painting by Dedeepya John
  • Serenity, Painting by Dedeepya John
  • Sparkling Azure, Painting by Dedeepya John
  • A new rise - everyday!, Painting by Dedeepya John