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Arun Akella

Arun Akella Biography :

I am Arun Akella, an engineering and design student with an interest in art, music and photography. Painting has always been a passion since childhood and my retreat from daily schedule. After high school, it faded out due to lack of time. It was while pursuing a Masterís degree in mechanical engineering that I rediscovered my passion for painting. I worked with water colors initially, and eventually found the perfect medium for me- oil paint! I currently intend to pursue a Masterís degree in product design, and turn my passion for painting into a more serious hobby.

Artist Statement :

Realism is what we see. Abstraction is what we think we see. When it comes to painting, these two concepts never aligned. But a few artists, such as Rembrandt, created and mastered techniques that showed nothing but paint strokes when seen up close, but when seen from a distance, the painting looked real. Modern masters such as David Leffel have mastered this lost art and called it ĎAbstract Realismí. It is his work that inspired me to take up this style of painting. I try to represent the subject with brush strokes, and light and shadow, rather than shapes and values. I primarily paint still life setups, but also do portrait and landscapes.


  • Chinese Fishing Nets, Kochi, Painting by Arun Akella

  • The Stare, Painting by Arun Akella

  • Still Life with Orange and Flowers, Painting by Arun Akella

  • A Tribeswoman, Painting by Arun Akella