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Anshul Jain

Artist Anshul Jain I have always been very fond of making sketches and paintings since my school days. I have always been fascinated by the world of painting though it was only post my studies that I took formal training in painting and sketching under a very able and senior artist from Jabalpur whom I also regard as my guru. I am very thankful to my Sir, husband, family and near ones for appreciating my art works and the encouragement which I always receive from them.

I am very passionate about paintings and feel like playing with colours. I love to try and experiment with different forms and styles of paintings and learn about them. I can spend hours engrossed in my work and it gives me immense self satisfaction. I also spend lot of time on the internet searching on paintings and trainer videos to further increase my knowledge on the subject.

I have so far worked with oil paints on canvas, fabric colours, poster colours, sketches including with charcoal, and tried forms of painting such as Warli art. In the coming future I would like to try textured acrylic painting, abstract art, Madhubani.

I am married and stay at Mumbai. I was born and brought up in Jabalpur, MP, where I also completed my education. I have done post graduation studies in M.Com and MBA but it is the painting where my interest is situated.


Born :

  • 1984


Education :

  • MBA
  • M. Com


  • Shadow, Painting by Anshul Jain
  • Angel, Painting by Anshul Jain
  • Warli Art, Painting by Anshul Jain
  • Mothers Care, Painting by Anshul Jain