Gallery of of select artworks : Art in the time of Corona

Art Project

Art in the time of Corona, is an art project initiated by Khula Aasmaan and Indiaart. This unique art initiative appealed to children, college students and elders to create art during lockdown to fight the fear and panic arising out of the coronavirus pandemic. We announced this art project on the first day of the national lockdown. The response has been overwhelming and from all over India. This project has been supported by Finolex and Mukul Madhav Foundation.

Gallery showcase of select artworks

Our blog has been carrying blog posts with select artworks - day wise. See the links below to the blog posts which showcase select artworks received by us daily. Enjoy this wonderful collection of artworks which shows the huge latent talent that is hidden out there waiting to be discovered. We are happy that we have been able to discover this talent and show these artistic creations on our platform.

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