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Science Essay competition to celebrate National Science Day

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 Prize winning essay
Group B - 14 to 16 years
Science essay topic : If I were on Mars
Name : Shruti Mehrotra
School Name : Tagore Public School, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh
Class : 12th

The celestial bodies always fascinate me and even I aspire to be an astronomer. Mystery about the red planet brings a spark in ma aspiration. I wish I get some special pourers to visit Mars and see how the planet really is. I really wish that if people actually exist on Mars and the concept of aliens which is shown in various Hollywood & Bollywood movies was actually true and they are not as selfish as those living on Earth. It would be so exciting to meet new people, learn new languages and eat new kinds of cosines and pet different types of animals. I would not just like to visit and come back from there. As keen as I am going on Mars, I am scared to visit there alone.

I want to go with a team of fellow but I dream of becoming the first person to accomplish this mission. The name of first person only remembers. Just as we all remember Neil Armstrong who was first to step on moon. Likewise, being first human to visit there will bring me lot of name. It would be a proud moment for me and for my family and the entire nation. If I were on Mars I would like to explore each and every corner of the Mars on this trip. Mars is known for its minerals, so I will explore the kind of mineral available there & collect some, to bring back home in order to conduct further research on them. I would take few seeds from earth to Mars and see whether they can grow there in a couple of weeks on not. My trip on Mars is very much on my Bucket List. I wish after discovery, humans are given a choice whether they want to live on Earth or Mars. The people will meet who are completely different from us. We humans are known for demarcating land and labelling it. But I don’t want that Mars should be divided and labelled with different names of city, states, countries etc. I will try to make Mars fit for human civilization. I Really wish Mars is not yet bertwebed with technology and people on red planet live with harmony. It would be blissful living in such a place. I want people to learn from the mistakes they made on Earth and avoid the same on Mars. We have destroyed our beautiful Earth and I wish we do not do same with the planet which is yet in its purest form. I will explore more and will take a lot of pictures it cherish the memories of day I have spent there. Until then, I shall visit some places on our planet Earth to seek adventure and gratify the travel enthusiasm in me.

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