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Emerging Artists
Vinay Sane

Artist Vinay Sane Vinay’s interest in painting as a way to express him-self began 30 years ago, while studying for his electrical engineering at IIT Bombay. He is strongly influenced by the physical and visual aspects of his surroundings. Over the years during his travels and assignments abroad, he has experimented with various techniques and mediums for his paintings, eventually settling down to abstracts. Abstracts allow him to explore the unknown and the form-less, it offers him an ability to have myriads of interpretations based on his perceptions.

From being 'an engineer who loved to paint', Vinay has now made the transition to 'an artist who is also an engineer'. Vinay believes one can follow this journey, this transition, this genesis of an artist by following the evolution of his paintings. For most of his paintings, he has deliberately stayed away from realism - painting rigid forms and structure and even nature and that reflects his search of the unknown, formless and abstract. Even his landscapes are in abstract style, too. The beauty of abstracts is that, they are amenable to interpretations. It isn’t necessary for you to see the same things and feel the same emotions that he saw and felt when he created that painting. It’s quite alright if he himself may interpret it somewhat differently in a different frame of mind. Paintings should be ‘alive’ and mean different things to the same or different people at different times and places.

Vinay’s painting efforts have also been greatly influenced by the tranquil surroundings of his ancestral home in Wai, Maharashtra, a place he keeps returning to, to spend many hours on the banks of the beautiful Krishna river. Vinay finds peace and an inner spiritual experience when he paints, his expressions on canvas are interpretations of his surroundings felt from his heart. At times he even feels they are a reflection of his soul. Vinay has not adopted a specific style for his paintings. In other words, He doesn’t have an artist’s ‘signature’ that acts as an easy identifier to his work. Vinay doesn’t want to be pigeonholed as ‘a cubist’ or ‘a modernist’ etc because his paintings are a culmination of his thoughts, his emotions and his ideas. Vinay’s paintings need to be ‘felt’ and ‘experienced’. The joy of viewing his paintings gets multiplied if one is able to feel the emotions.

Vinay invites you to find your own meaning in his works. If they make you think, he will have achieved his objective!


Born :

  • 1963


Education :

  • 1990 : B Tech and M Tech from IIT Bombay
  • Self-taught artist


Solo Exhibitions :

  • 2009 : Malaka Spice, Koregaon Park, Pune


Group Shows :

  • 2017: Musings, Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Mumbai.
  • 2016 : Shabda – Language of colors, Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • 2015 : Signature tune, Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • 2015 : Romancing The Colours, Art Gate Gallery, Mumbai
  • 2014 : Color of Spring 2, Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai
  • 2013 : Color of Spring, Cymroza art gallery, Mumbai
  • 2010 : Bajaj Monsoon show, Mumbai
  • 2006 : India Art Gallery, Pune
  • 1994 : National University of Singapore, Singapore


Collection :

  • Prof. J. Vasi, Mumbai
  • Dr. Tejwansh Singh Anand, NY, USA
  • Dr. Jamila Bookwala, Lafayette College, PA, USA
  • Iqbal Pittalwala, California, USA
  • Mrs. and Mr. Alekar, Pune
  • Mrs. S Kelkar, Phoenix, AZ, USA
  • Dr. Ajit Gaunekar, Singapore
  • Mr. Bhawan Mhaisalkar, Singapore
  • Mr. and Mrs. Yargop, Pune
  • Dr. Savanur, Pune
  • Dr. C. Lele, Pune
  • Mr. Vasant Limaye (Balya), Pune
  • Mr. N M Sundaram, Pune
  • Mr. S Nikhar, Pune
  • Mr. Anil Roy, Calcutta
  • Dr. Subir Roy, Bangalore
  • Mrs. R P Hatkanagalekar, Bangalore
  • Mrs. R B Narawane, Mumbai


  • Vortex, Painting by Vinay Sane
  • Untitled, Painting by Vinay Sane
  • Life is a struggle, Painting by Vinay Sane
  • Redemption and darkness, Painting by Vinay Sane