Themes for Khula Aasmaan Children's Art Contest - Edition I

Khula Aasmaan

The themes for Khula Aasmaan Children's Art Contest Edition I (2016) were designed to stimulate their thinking process and creative expression.

Art Contest Themes

City of my Dreams

Draw or paint how you want your village or town or city to be. Let your imagination soar. Look at your town from within or from above and sketch or paint the town of your dreams.

My India

Draw or paint the fascinating aspects of India. It could be one or many. It could be a place or people or festivals - whatever fascinates you about India.

My Journey into Outer Space

Take a ride into a spaceship and reach for the stars. Travel to distant galaxies. Draw or paint what you would see. Do not base your drawings or paintings on photographs of outer space. Use your imagination to visualise how the outer space, distant planets, stars and galaxies would look like.

My Favourite Things

Draw or paint what you like to do the most - play football, ride a bicycle, go to a movie, read a book, take a train ride to your grandparent's place, have an ice-cream or whatever you like.


You are free to submit artwork on any theme of your choice other than the themes mentioned above.

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