The Circus, painting by  J S  Anshika

The Circus

Shortlisted in Khula Aasmaan children's art competition


I love seeing the Circus.

Anshika has drawn a Circus on paper and using different colors like Red, Blue, yellow. When she visited a circus she was awestruck by the difficult stunts performed by people and animals. She was so inspired by them as they performed all these difficult stunts with a smile on their face.

This painting by child artist J S Anshika (12 years) received a Shortlist in Khula Aasmaan children's art competition for January to March 2021.

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Art Number 23772
Artwork Title The Circus
Artist Name J S Anshika
Medium Colour Pencil on Paper
Size 11.69 x 16.53 inches (29.6926 x 41.9862 cm)
Price Rs. 5,600 ($75.98)