Rajasthan, painting by Vibhuti Pravin Tharali

Rajasthan, painting by Child Artist Vibhuti Pravin Tharali

Painting by child artist in Khula Aasmaan, a platform for creative expression by children & young adults


Art Number 20577
Artwork Title Rajasthan
Artist Name Vibhuti Pravin Tharali
Information Rajasthan, a place tied into a deep history of the Rajputs which is a major state in India , was also known as "Rajputans". Known for their culture and 'Pagdi' a wear of men, which is a half part of their body. It is not an ordinary one, but it is the proudness and respect given to the Rajputans. This drawing is also of a common man who is proud of his Pagdi and to be from Rajasthan.