Car, painting by Tanmay Ashutosh Deshpande

Car, painting by Child Artist Tanmay Ashutosh Deshpande

Artwork by college student in Khula Aasmaan, a platform for creative expression by children & young adults


Art Number 19719
Artwork Title Car
Artist Name Tanmay Ashutosh Deshpande
Information This is a picture where Tanmay has tried to bring up his fascination of cars!!
It his first hand at 2-point perspective that he came to know through a sketch book that spoke a bit on perspectives! He took immense interest in understanding how all lines meet at 2 points in the 2-point perspective, how the proportions change though the actual size of 2 faces might be same, and so on..
Also, it is his first try at a monochrome picture using only one pencil.