Stages of Cosmos- Mandala, painting by Manali Bagade

Stages of Cosmos- Mandala, painting by Young Artist Manali Bagade


Art Number 26522
Artwork Title Stages of Cosmos- Mandala
Artist Name Manali Bagade
Medium Acrylic on Canvas board
Size 30 x 30 inches (76.2 x 76.2 cm)
Information The present mandala is to show the stages of the cosmos and the concept is based on the Scriptures in Hinduism. It all starts from the center. The origin of the cosmos is an infinitely small particle. That oneness is Itself Brahma. It then segregates in two parts- One Shiva and another Shakti (Both represented in triangles). After segregation, It expands and leads to the formation of five tattva- sky (white), water( blue), wind ( green), fire (yellow), and earth (red). Expansion is shown in surrounding circles. All five elements then get intermingled and form different creatures. There are Purush and Prakriti (symbol of half moon and bindu) forms which reresents gender in creatures. Contemplation of origin of cosmos helps one to find the origin of the self. This opens the gates of four Mukti- Sayujyata, samipata, sarupata and salokata (represented as lotus- symbol of pacification). According to scripture, this contemplation protects one from all negative energies as all elements works as a shield (the outermost circle).