Art Number 23682
Artwork Title Mandala Depicting eteneral powers through balls and designed
Artist Name Anamika Mishra
Information I am here to brief about my artwork which I titled as 'Mandala Depicting Eternal Powers Through Balls and Designs'. A mandala being Sanskrit word for circle is an artistic representative of higher thought and deeper meaning given as a geometric symbol used in spiritual, emotional or psychological work to focus one's attention, encourage introspection and awareness for peace of mind. In India, this term first appeared in Rigveda and is used as meditative tool and spiritual exercise in the belief systems of Jainism, Buddhism, Shintoism of Persian Art and Ishtar Star Symbol of Mesopotamia. This artwork defines a circle decorated with Imagery, Balls and various Designs which directs the mind of the observer or creator Inwards from the Outer Rim towards Deeper Reflection on the Meaning and Purpose of Life, the Nature of the Universe, the Substance and Reality of God, the True Nature of the Self, the underlying for m of Reality, Cosmological truths and other Spiritual, Psychological or Emotional aspects of one's life. Here I have drawn 3 different colored balls of Red, Blue and Black where Red ball shows the 'Fire', Blue ball shows the 'Water' and black one shows the 'Earth' which are the 3 basic Tatvas of Nature and Human life. In Hinduism, this is known by adherent as 'Sanatan Dharma- the Eternal Order' which was established by all Powerful Supernatural Entity. This artwork basically describes the working, arrangement and management of these three most important factors of life.

This painting by young artist Anamika Mishra (18 years) received a Shortlisted in Khula Aasmaan students drawing competition for October to December 2020.

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