Future Life, painting by Sonali Pawar

Future Life, Painting by Sonali Pawar

Shortlisted in National Painting Competition by Khula Aasmaan & IISER Pune (2019)



Art Number 22829
Artwork Title Future Life
Artist Name Sonali Pawar
Medium Mixed Media on Paper
Size 16.53 x 11.69 inches (41.9862 x 29.6926 cm)
Information "Robotic father and hid don going home after watching the movie ""Robot Captain America"". Some days back, I watch the latest video of Sofia in which I have seen her ability to give a answer not only about questions regarding knowledge but also about emotions. Which provides us with a lot more surprises. It shows the tremendous success of the technology and hard work of different scientists to achieve that success. Still, i some sense, we are moving towards the replacement of humans where everything becomes robotics. As we already know that lots of our jobs now replaced by robots. in Japan scientists are making robots which can mimic our pet dog. Even though in movies like Terminator, they show how we are going to replace by them, still we are making them more humanoid. Some scientists are making our all body parts robotic. So those days are not far apart when except our brain everything becomes a machine. The new version of people where the body is full of artificial intelligence. Is it good or bad it is a different issue. Increasing pollution and climate instability are making us more towards our end so very soon we will going to replace by these robots. Everything is going to be the same, except there will be no humans alive on this planet. This painting is one of such photographs of the robotic father and his son were going home after watching the movie ""Robot Captain America"" which is going to be true in future."