Women as Warriors, painting by Jaysi Nigam

Women as Warriors, painting by Young Artist Jaysi Nigam

Shortlisted in Khula Aasmaan students art competition



Art Number 22506
Artwork Title Women as Warriors
Artist Name Jaysi Nigam
Medium Watercolour on Paper
Size 16.53 x 11.75 inches (41.9862 x 29.845 cm)
Information This painting by young artist Jaysi Nigam, Class 12 was shortlisted in Khula Aasmaan free art competition for children and college students for April to June 2019.

My painting depicts women empowerment. Women empowerment is a topic which needs to be taken under consideration. Women are capable of doing anything but the society thinks differently. Women are considered as weak and are meant to do household works only. They are not given the opportunity to work outside of the house like other men do. They are often discriminated on various aspects. I wanted to show that women are no less than anyone and that is why I chose this topic particularly. Talking about the composition of my painting, in the middle, a girl is represented in two different faces. On the right, a girl is shown in school uniform because it is the right of every person to acquire education no matter if he/she is a boy or a girl. Everyone is equal. On the left, a goddess has been depicted. This is to show the society that inside each and every girl, a goddess resides. Goddesses are powerful not weak which indicates that a girl is not weak and she is capable of doing anything. In the background, different professions are been shown that a woman can pursue. These professions are pursued by men according to the society. There is profession that a woman cannot pursue. I have used water colours as the medium. I have used bright colours to make my painting attractive and to showcase the bright future of women.

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