Art Number 22444
Artwork Title Alleyways
Artist Name Anchita Das
Medium Pencil on Paper
Size 15.98 x 11.93 inches (40.5892 x 30.3022 cm)
Price Rs. 8,400 ($113.98)
Information This painting by young artist Anchita Das received a Gold Medal in Khula Aasmaan art competition for young adults for April to June 2019.

This drawing is a representation of an alleyway. It shows a narrow street formed by the proximity of adjacent building and houses facing each other. It depicts the street and architectural style of the french - English Alleys and the beauty of the art and science behind such designing and construction.
The idea to make this sketch occured to me after a visit to the Indian Union Territory of pondicherry. Pondicherry, during colonial times was a major trade centre and residence of the Frenchman, thus the architecture and maintenance of it is greatly influenced. It resembles the construction of buildings tho that of france. The houses have a sophisticated built with well designed windows, fancy lights and lamps along with creepers and other forms of plantations enhancing this simplistic view.
To bring out this piece I've made use of sketching pencils on an A3 sheet of paper, I've tried to bring out the highlights and shades in this sketch along with the texture.