Art Number 27986
Artwork Title Starfield Library, South Korea
Artist Name Alveena
Medium Mixed Media on Paper
Size 8.27 x 11.69 inches (21.0058 x 29.6926 cm)
Information It's made on drawing paper with the help of pencil, dual tip markers pen, dual tip color brushes, black marker.
This artwork is based on "Starfield Library" at COEX Mall in South Korea. It's one of the biggest library of South Korea.
Why did I make this artwork?
I like South Korea very much and I am also studying Korean language to become a Korean language trainer and to know about their culture. I also like to read books and I am a novel writer that's why I chose to draw this South Korean library "Starfield." It took a lot of time to make those tiny little books in each corner but I was very satisfied after making it, it gave me courage to step forward and I submitted this artwork in the competition. I hope you would like it.

This artwork by young artist Alveena (19 years) received a Silver medal in Khula Aasmaan art competition for January to March 2023.