School bus, painting by Kovendhan V A

School bus

Honorable mention in Khula Aasmaan kids art competition

Shortlisted Honorable Mention


vehicle , school bus


Art Number 27859
Artwork Title School bus
Artist Name Kovendhan V A
Medium Oil Pastel on Paper
Size 8.3 x 11.7 inches (21.082 x 29.718 cm)
Information He drew the school bus and details in it. Circles above the school bus are bubbles. He is sitting inside the bus and blowing bubbles. He likes to blow bubbles and having fun. He used to draw every minute details of the vehicles he observes on the road.
School bus drawing was done and colored on a paper. It was cut and pasted on a thick A4 sheet. He did the pattern using white color paint and drew moon and stars. once he is done coloring, outline for the bus was completed using black color.

This painting by child artist Kovendhan V A (4 years) received a Honorable Mention in Khula Aasmaan art competition for children for October to December 2022