Smile, painting by Dameta Priyaviri Dhillon


Bronze medal in Khula Aasmaan painting competition for children

Shortlisted Bronze Medal


Art Number 27839
Artwork Title Smile
Artist Name Dameta Priyaviri Dhillon
Medium Pencil colours on Brown paper
Size 11.69 x 8.27 inches (29.6926 x 21.0058 cm)
Information I draw photorealistic sketches . I prefer to use Brustro's soft wax based color pencils. I like to draw on brown paper as its tint brings out my sketches making them more eye- catching. I don't usually draw smiling faces but as a teen, this one made sense to me I choose the people I draw precisely, using their expressions to express myself. First I draw a rough sketch, then add shadows and highlights. Finally, I use soft strokes and keep on layering them using different shades of pencils colors. In this sketch the girl had beautiful turquoise eyes resembling the ocean so I tried my best to make them as lively as possible by balancing the tones.

This painting by child artist Dameta Priyaviri Dhillon (15 years) received Bronze medal in Khula Aasmaan art competition for October to December 2022.