Mountain Melodies, painting by Nishtha Sharma

Mountain Melodies, painting by Child Artist Nishtha Sharma


Art Number 28033
Artwork Title Mountain Melodies
Artist Name Nishtha Sharma
Medium Watercolour on Sheet
Information Dipped in the hues of a watercolor dream, my latest creation, 'Mountain Melodies,' captures the essence of life's joys. Three vibrant trees dance in the foreground, their leaves whispering tales of happiness. Majestic mountains stand tall, echoing the grandeur of existence. A playful river weaves through the scene, adding a touch of fluid serenity. Each stroke was a love letter to the beauty that surrounds us, the joyous rhythm of life. With every brushstroke, I found solace in the harmony of nature. 'Mountain Melodies' is not just a painting; it's a celebration of the love poured into each moment of its creation.