Art Number 23625
Artwork Title How lockdown changed me
Artist Name Diya Biswas
Medium Colour Pencil on Paper
Size 10.5 x 9.25 inches (26.67 x 23.495 cm)
Information "so we all know that through this whole lockdown each one of us has suffered a lot. We had to stay away from our loved ones, we all have suffered problems in down of financial incomes, just not covid-19 but more other disasters which have occurred in this year had made us endure a lot.

But only few of us has observed that again in such difficult time we made ourselves as one and that's the spirit of humanity.

We all have observed that yes it made us locked in our houses but we bet it by making our world inside our homes only...it was difficult but we got to see our world in a different way. Time managing, cooking, reading, exercising, and much more which we all were not actually use to do are getting double interest in doing! In fact we are genuinely watching ourselves that we are (changing into a different, into a independent!!!!)"

This painting by child artist Diya Biswas (14 years) received a Bronze Medal in Khula Aasmaan art competition for children for July to September 2020.

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