Travel Diaries, painting by Arsh Agarwal

Travel Diaries, painting by Child Artist Arsh Agarwal

Shortlisted in Khula Aasmaan children's art competition



Art Number 22496
Artwork Title Travel Diaries
Artist Name Arsh Agarwal
Medium Oil pastels and Watercolour on Paper
Size 13.75 x 11 inches (34.925 x 27.94 cm)
Information This painting by child artist Arsh Agarwal, Class 5 was shortlisted in Khula Aasmaan art contest for children and college students for April to June 2019.

This idea was captured during one of my travel diaries. Whenever I sit on a window seat I usually capture the image of nature "Reflection" came to my mind when I painted this artwork . I made a landscape in a dramatic frame. It's a reflection from a car's mirror I used oil pastel and did little work with water colours in the background.