Art Number 21707
Artwork Title Fish
Artist Name Tanuj Samaddar
Medium Acrylic colours on Paper
Size 11.69 x 16.53 inches (29.6926 x 41.9862 cm)
Information This painting by child artist Tanuj Samaddar, Class eight received a Shortlist in Khula Aasmaan kids art competition for January to March 2019.
Large-mouth Bass is a carnivorous fresh water game fish in the centrarchidae family, A species of black bass native to eastern and central united states, Adjacent south eastern Canada and Northern Mexico. it is the state fish of Georgia and Mississippi. It is known by a variety of regional names such as the wide-mouth Bass Bigmouth Bass, potter's fish, largish, Florida Large mouth, Green trout, Green bass.
"I Have Created the painting by using colour pencils, Acrylic colours mainly. I have tried my best to make the painting very much vibrant and colorful by using primary As well as secondary colours mainly. Hope you all will like my artwork very much."