The Castle, painting by Joe Arya R

The Castle

Honorable Mention in Khula Aasmaan painting competition for children

Shortlisted Honorable Mention


Art Number 21074
Artwork Title The Castle
Artist Name Joe Arya R
Medium Watercolour on Paper
Size 8.27 x 11.69 inches (21.0058 x 29.6926 cm)
Price Rs. 5,900 ($80.05)
Information The 'Dragon Castle' artwork depicts about the Giant Warrior Dragon. It is an ancient model castle with fiery colours of the dragon. This depicts the guardian dragon protecting 'The Mother Dragon'. They symbolise strength, courage, magic and wonder. This painting is the representation of all elements - Fire, Water, Earth and Wind.

This painting by child artist Joe Arya R received a Honorable Mention in Khula Aasmaan children's art contest for July to September 2018.