Painting Exhibition by Khula Aasmaan at IISER Pune

Khula Aasmaan jointly with IISER Pune organised an art exhibition at IISER Pune on Saturday 16 November 2019. The art exhibition of select medal winning paintings from previous Khula Aasmaan painting contests was on display at IISER Pune. See results of previous Khula Aasmaan art contests. School and college students were invited to visit IISER Pune campus on Saturday 16 November to see Khula Aasmaan art exhibition and participate in the painting contest.

Pictures from Art Exhibition

The art exhibition featuring select medal winning artworks by children and young adults drew a huge response. A large number of school children, teachers and parents visited the painting exhibition. They were observing the artworks on display at close quarters, reacting to the children’s art and taking lots of pictures.

Open Day

This was an open day at IISER Pune with lots of learning and fun including exhibition of science projects by students of 100 schools, science demonstrations and screening of science films.

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Painting contest jointly organised by Khula Aasmaan and IISER Pune

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