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Contest for Children (5 to 15 years) & College Students (16 to 25 years)
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Khula Aasmaan’s vision is to encourage and empower children and young adults to be original thinkers and come up with ideas. This platform will encourage the participants to come up with ideas and create solutions to problems, using scientific principles. The focus is on creation of an idea and developing it for active problem solving using principles of science.

Khula Aasmaan wants to encourage qualities of observation, curiosity, scientific thinking and creativity among children and young adults. We believe that these qualities will create young minds who are eager to explore science and solve problems.

Contest Rules and Regulations

  • The contest is open for children (5 to 15 years) and young adults (16 to 25 years).
  • There is no participation fee.
  • The participant must be a student.
  • The essay should be handwritten. The essay should be handwritten. Number of words in the essay should be minimum 300 and maximum 500.
  • It is preferable that you include illustrations, drawings or paintings in the essay.
  • Mention the references used such as books, websites, videos or discussions for writing your essay.
  • The submission is online and 24 x 7. Submit the scanned copy of your essay or a good quality image.
  • Every quarter, we will declare the shortlist. The shortlisted children and young adults will be required to send the original essay for the final judging round. This judging round will decide the medals (gold, silver, bronze) and honorable mentions.
  • Khula Aasmaan will create a dedicated web page for each shortlisted child and young adult. The shortlisted essay will be published on this dedicated web page.
  • The original essay will remain with Khula Aasmaan and will not be returned. Khula Aasmaan may use the original essay in exhibitions or workshops or for any other purpose.

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Khula Aasmaan is the new age platform for children which encourages creative thought and innovation. Participate in Khula Aasmaan contests. Submit your doodles, drawings, cartoons, paintings, ideas and more. Shortlisted children get a dedicated web page of their own. To know more, write to us at indiaart.khula.aasmaan@gmail.com. You may call or WhatsApp on +91-9325530547