Ram kills Ravan, painting by Child Artist Mehak Borse

(Born: 2012)

Silver medal in Khula Aasmaan painting competition for children

City International School, Pune, Maharashtra

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Silver Medal
Ram kills Ravan, painting by Mehak Borse
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Artist Photo
Mehak Borse
Child Artist

Art No





Mehak Borse



Ram kills Ravan



Oil Pastel on Paper



8.27 x 11.69 inches (21.0058 x 29.6926 cm)

This painting by child artist Mehak Borse received a Silver Medal in Khula Aasmaan kids art competition for January to March 2019.
She wants to tell that in Ramayan at the end Ram is killing Ravan with his bow and arrow. Ram is looking at Ravan with anger. Ravan with his 10 heads And weapons is looking at Ram with his evil eyes.

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