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Khula Aasmaan is the new age platform for children and young students which encourages creative thought and innovation. Find amazing artworks and stimulating content by the young generation. Participate in Khula Aasmaan contest and get featured on To know more, write to us at or WhatsApp on +91-9325530547

Art on Postcard
पोस्टकार्ड पर कला

"Art on Postcard" is an initiative by Khula Aasmaan to get the children and young adults back to using the good old postcard. In the age of internet and mobile phones, young India has forgotten the postcard. "Art on Postcard" is an initiative by Khula Aasmaan and Indiaart Gallery to rekindle the interest in writing, sketching and painting among the children and young adults. The good old postcard can travel very long distances. Experience the charm of not only writing a postcard but actually painting it.

"Art on Postcard" is NOT a contest.

Guidelines and other information for participating in "Art on Postcard" :

  • Use one full side of the postcard to do a cartoon, a doodle, a sketch or a painting.
  • Use any medium of your choice - pencil, pen and ink, pastels, crayons, sketch pen, gel pen, ball pen, poster colours, acrylic colours, watercolours
  • On the other side of the postcard, write your name, address, email id and contact number. Also write a brief description of your artwork along with the title and medium used.
  • Post this card to Indiaart Gallery at the address mentioned below.
  • Go to a post office near to you and drop in your postcard.
  • The postcards will become the property of Khula Aasmaan and will not be returned.
  • This is not a commercial venture. Postcards by children and young adults received by Khula Aasmaan are not for sale. Khula Aasmaan is doing this purely for promoting creative thought among children.
  • Select artworks sent on postcards will be displayed in the section "Art on Postcard" on our website.
  • Khula Aasmaan will also plan to display select postcards at various events and exhibitions that Khula Aasmaan will do from time to time.
  • Khula Aasmaan is committed to encourage and mentor talented children and young adults who participate in "Art on Postcard". Khula Aasmaan will create dedicated web page for each of the shortlisted children and young adults who have sent a postcard under the initiative "Art on Postcard".

Khula Aasmaan is waiting to receive your beautiful Art on Postcard.

Khula Aasmaan thanks India Post for bringing to us all the beautiful artworks on postcards.


Khula Aasmaan - Art on Postcard

Address for sending Art on Postcard :
Indiaart Gallery
"Lavanya", Plot No. 30, Bhosalenagar
Pune 411007, India