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Meenal Acharya



Career Aspirations

I'm a passionate artist and, I am creating and selling my art works with the help of my facebook page, "". I would like to pursue a career in which I can contribute and implement my artistic skills and ideas, which is also highly beneficial in terms of earning and that which I can even work from home. I'm interested in advanced learning of multimedia course: such as graphics, animations, photoshop editing and web designing.

Hence therefore, I am seeking best graphics courses in NID (National Institute of Design) and MAAC by going through its websites.

Personal Information

I'm a person with physical discomforts due to Congenital Muscular Dystrophy, responsible for delayed motor milestones, kyphoscoliosis and weakness of extremities thus interfering with functional speed and easiness of activities of daily working life.

Hence I would like to find a career that which I would not have to undergo extreme physical stress ( e.g. travellings). Since I was abroad for 16 years, I lack proper knowledge of those careers fit for physically challenged people which are emerging as well as promising ones with good earning scopes.


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