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How human heart works


See this science video or biology video of a science model which shows the structure of human heart and its working. This video was created by Khula Aasmaan in association with Science Park, Savitribai Phule Pune University (formerly University of Pune). See all videos in Indiaart.





"Khula Aasmaan" (meaning Open Sky) is a registered trademark which is owned by Link Indiaart.com Pvt. Ltd. Khula Aasmaan is a platform for creative expression by children and young adults. "Khula Aasmaan" is managed, hosted and promoted in the digital world by https://www.indiaart.com, whereas the physical and on the ground activities related to "Khula Aasmaan" are managed by Art India Foundation. We have chosen "Khula Aasmaan" as the way to spell this as we believe that it is the phonetically most appropriate way to spell it. Khula Aasmaan may also be spelt as Khula Asmaan, Khula Asman, Khula Aasman.

Khula Aasmaan conducts art competitions, poster competitions and essay contests. It creates educational content for children and college students. Khula Aasmaan encourages the children and young adults to think independently, fearlessly and express themselves.


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