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Rakhi Chatterjee

Artist Rakhi Chatterjee About Artist :

I used to draw a lot in school and was recognized for my ability and inclination towards drawing. While grown up, I never gave any serious thought to make a career out of it. That's when I pursued Diploma in Software Engineering education and joined IT sector in Bangalore.

I worked full time in IT company for 10 years and those were hectic and overwhelming time of my life - when I got detached from my passion for art. From 2018 I had to discontinue IT sector for my commitment towards family/kid and this is when I felt real calling for my passion. I joined Fine Arts course.

Now I am a homemaker, passionate about handmaid art & painting. And I am a student of Fine Arts - from "Coloring India Foundation". Currently working on themes like- landscape, still life, flowers, festivals, people, abstract etc. So far, I have worked on sketches, poster colors, acrylics, free hand designs etc. Of all the mediums, I enjoy using acrylics on canvas the most - due to the energy and vibrancy the color brings.

First, I started creating paintings for relatives and friends. Gradually after gaining appreciations, now I wish to share my art works on Professional Forum like - "Indiaart" as an Emerging artist. To share what I create, my dreams and stories.

I hope to continue improving and create more fulfilling works of art.

Artist Statement :

I strongly believe that "Art frees your soul from the ups & downs of everyday life". My little "me-time" for my daily artwork is like yoga for me. Specifically working with colors is like searching for peace in my way. It's a true companion for me. Each stroke that a brush makes with slightest touch of color, teaches me something new. To me painting is like music which I love to enjoy rather than criticize. Every artwork gives me unique satisfaction of creativity and reveals ways to improve upon.

Interests :

Apart from Art, I love gardening, spending time nurturing plants, listening old songs!

  • Bird's Eye View, Painting by Rakhi Chatterjee
  • Twilight Saga, Painting by Rakhi Chatterjee
  • Table for Two, Painting by Rakhi Chatterjee
  • Mahishashurmardini, Painting by Rakhi Chatterjee