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Dr Kanak Sharma

Dr Kanak Sharma Artist Statement :

Art is something that is created with imagination and skill which is appreciated for its finesse. For me, painting is a great stressbuster. Painting has always been my passion since school which I do for pure joy. After a long break of over 20 years of being a homemaker, I have taken up painting again. Trained as a medical researcher, my paintings are an experimentation of colours and different media. I am a self-taught artist and learn from online and offline resources. I have a fascination for natural sceneries and like to paint landscapes. I have used oil paint, acrylic, soft-pastel and charcoal. Water colour on paper is my favourite medium. My work was appreciated by professionals and art lovers alike in two exhibitions. I would like to expand my horizon as an artist with new media and themes.



  • Green tones, Painting by Dr Kanak Sharma
  • Lost neighborhood, Painting by Dr Kanak Sharma

  • Beauty of Kodaikanal, Painting by Dr Kanak Sharma
  • Winter Onset, Painting by Dr Kanak Sharma